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h4364r's Darknet Links

The Basic I2P-Sites

Help and Advice: http://forum.i2p/ Forum - http://ugha.i2p/ Wiki - http://tutorials.i2p/ Tutorials (GER)

http://zzz.i2p/ Help, Hints, Advice, I2P Development discussions - http://wiki.meeh.i2p/ More tips

http://hq.postman.i2p/ Postman HQ docu and instruction for your I2P-mail

http://tracker2.postman.i2p/ Postman's I2P Tracker, here you find the goods

http://id3nt.i2p/ ident, I2P's twitter and faceb00k :D

I2P's Darknet Stuff

Sites in a western language, (mostly) reachable and providing content, no commercials.

http://abusos.i2p/ Abusos judiciales en España - El motivo de esta web es exponer los abusos sufridos a los ciudadanos de España por su sistema judicial.

70% available / 426 polls

http://amidoinitrite.i2p/ amidoinitrite - Manga, Music, Books

87% available / 426 polls

http://anarplex.i2p/ Anarplex

Anarplex is the operator of GammaDX and a provider of darknet services for various crypto-tribes and Phyles. Our mission is to create a home for tribes-people, their affiliates and associates by providing superior communications and processing services.

Anarplex hosts a couple of files and projects from the realm of darknets, crypto-tribes and cryptoanarchism.

89% available / 407 polls

http://anch.i2p/ Anch.i2p This site was made by anarchists and for anarchists. You can discuss here any ideas and share your creative works. But remember, that anything you share is common.

This site is russian-speaking, except /int/, which is international.

84% available / 424 polls

http://anlib.i2p/ A.Library v 1.0 - russian directory of not only russian books, mp3's and more.

69% available / 86 polls

http://anonymix.i2p/ SongDB - Multitracks, Acapellas, Instrumentals and More - Forum - You need 2 register

86% available / 383 polls

http://anotube.i2p/ AnoTube - Some Videos

65% available / 404 polls

http://augenscheinlich.i2p/ augenscheinlich | utopisch · dystopisch · real | Deutsche Nachrichten und Forum

88% available / 78 polls

http://bigbrother.i2p/ News page plus a little info about the IRC Bot

98% available / 102 polls

http://bins.i2p/ | Credit Cards BIN's Base 2013 | here you can find - countries, brands, types, levels and some other information by first six digits of a card number.

6% available / 34 polls

http://cat.i2ch.i2p/ Eepsites Catalog

97% available / 33 polls

http://cheech-wizard.i2p/ Cheech Wizard: Alive Inside Your Head.

Cheech Wizard stories are clean, wholesome, reflective TRUTHS that go great with the marijuana munchies an a blow job - Comix | Music | Wizdum

87% available / 424 polls

http://cryptothoughts.i2p/ | crypto news | by person

78% available / 36 polls

http://darknet-wiki.i2p/ The Darknet Wiki - Here you will have access to a wealth of information regarding privacy, security, and anonymity.

95% available / 346 polls

http://darrob.i2p/ darrob's projects: enci2pedia, the I2P IRC infobot - grid-updates, a helper script for Tahoe-LAFS - Feature wishlist for a better IRC infobot - Idea for Tahoe-PSM, a publish/subscribe-style messaging system on Tahoe-LAFS

77% available / 416 polls

http://diftracker.i2p/ DifTracker: Torrents, Forum. Le site est multi-langues, mais privilégiez le français ou l'anglais pour vos postes

98% available / 421 polls

http://dlms.i2p/ Dark Like My Soul - About Darknets

88% available / 115 polls

http://documentheaven.i2p/ Document Heaven wants to be an eepsite, which collects links and magnet links to scientific or otherwise interesting non-fictional papers, documents and books. This eepsite is hosted in the spirit of the Guerilla Open Access Manifesto

93% available / 86 polls

http://freedomforum.i2p/ Privacy Forum - surveillance, censorship, encryption, software & more

86% available / 150 polls

http://friendica.i2p The internet is our social network: see https://en.wikipedia.org/..riendica oder http://www.friendica.com

30% available / 37 polls

http://gallery.i2p/ | Image Hosting

86% available / 21 polls

http://gedanken.i2p/ gedanken.i2p | alles rund um gedanken

93% available / 424 polls

http://gusion.i2p/ calibre library: Fantasy and (Science-) Fiction - another e-book library making heavy use of java script. You may wanna try the mobile version http://gusion.i2p/mobile

85% available / 86 polls

http://hashparty.i2p/ hashparty ~ password cracking

Home of hashparty, the blackhat hash cracking feast! Helping malicious attackers rooting heavily guarded boxes since 2010.

71% available / 424 polls

http://heretiques-ebooks.i2p/ Les Hérétiques | Créateurs de livres électroniques haute-qualité

73% available / 424 polls

http://hiddenchan.i2p/ hiddenchan Board "We are hidden". Something like 4chan. Mostly russian.

98% available / 424 polls

http://holocaust.i2p/ The Holocaust Forum - Open And Civilized Debate On The Holocaust

97% available / 99 polls

http://i2peek-a-boo.i2p/ ReturningNovice's eepsite - files related to Crypto & Privacy ...

75% available / 421 polls

http://i2play.i2p/ I2Play

I2Play provides anonymous gaming services over I2P. Admittedly the selection of games that can be played over I2P is reasonably small due to the requirement that they be tolerant of lag, but that doesn't stop us trying!

97% available / 424 polls

http://i2push.i2p/ | Free files hosting service, up to 2MB in file size, no time limit, no registration. Javascript required.

91% available / 33 polls

http://id3nt.i2p/ Microblogging service similar to twitter.

96% available / 400 polls

http://irongeeks.i2p/ I2P/Tor Workshop Notes

73% available / 300 polls

http://jisko.i2p/ Jisko - a simple and fast microblogging website with multi-language support, adapted to fit the needs of Tor and the i2p network

88% available / 60 polls

http://jiskopedia.i2p Jiskopedia, The Darknet Wiki

88% available / 26 polls

http://joebob.i2p/language_books/ Large directory of language books, grammars and dictionaries. Besides the well known languages you'll find languages like Estonian, Catalan, Arabic and even Swahili amd Yoruba.

12% available / 141 polls

http://junge.i2p/ junge - "another freaking eepsite". Links, i2p-sites, hacking, security, onion, books, how-to's. Maybe a blog.

94% available / 391 polls

http://keys.echelon.i2p/ Echelons I2P OpenPGP Public Key Server

99% available / 78 polls

http://leakager.i2p/ A Cat's Mirror of Wikileaks Cablegate site

30% available / 349 polls

http://leecher.i2p/ Videos

Simpsons, South Park, Futurama and more

83% available / 424 polls

http://lib.i2p/?language=en an anonymous online library. It is an independent resource for storage, and distribution of books. Library operates on the principle wikis. This means that the addition of books, authors, and any other information produced by users. Russian / english

90% available / 421 polls

http://linkz.i2p/ Bookmarkz

84% available / 90 polls

http://loinen.i2p/ Anarchy files and Underground links

"Data itself isn't good nor bad, data just represents the surrounding reality. The more data we may access, the more accurate model we may create of the reality, thereby also define our actions in ways that are maximally beneficial to our aims. The net must not be restricted by moral, ethical nor legal issues prevailing in different world locations, data must flow freely."

96% available / 423 polls

http://lostfaithinhumanity.i2p/ Lost Faith In Humanity - A Gallery For Funny Pictures / Comics

97% available / 234 polls

http://lotnv.i2p/ Lodging of the Trans-National Vanguard... The Trans-National Vanguard is a network of people with shared values like loyalty, independence, privacy and experimental living.

We are leading nomadic lives centered around our own cultural institutions, mediated through digital networks and settling where we are welcome to express how a livable future looks like.

88% available / 405 polls

http://luckycat.i2p | Lucky Cat's Meme Emporium | Where the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

33% available / 24 polls

http://lycanthrope.i2p/ French torrents for i2p - Si vous aimez de bons films en français regarder en dessous, peut être vous trouverez votre bonheur

79% available / 280 polls

http://manofperdition.i2p/ Secret Sites - Things your goverment & church don't want you to know. Otherwise they would be teaching these things: the man of perdition!

90% available / 222 polls

http://mlibgen.i2p/search.php Ebooks - Science and Computers - Unofficial Library Genesis mirror. Only a small part of original repository presented. No listing but a searchfield: you have to know what you're looking for.

37% available / 106 polls

http://mosfet.i2p/ experimental web gateway for Syndie. It allows people to read Syndie messages without running the Syndie client. Found comix and more...

96% available / 421 polls

http://mousepokemirror.i2p/ mousepoke & chan - "I suppose what we truly need at a time like this is direct action. That's always been a hard one with me because I have a somewhat extremist mindset. Either we destroy It or It destroys us. Now I suppose I will support the lesser forms of direct action as much as I can through this site. "

38% available / 13 polls

http://mp3arc.i2p/ Hard Music Collection - use eepget!

94% available / 297 polls

http://mudgaard.i2p/ CoffeeMud-Server. As far as I see, an online fantasy adventure.

48% available / 408 polls

http://mystery.i2p/ For anyone interested in learning Python or just needing a resource for Python. Lots of e-books and some video tutorials.

49% available / 76 polls

http://nowhere.i2p/ Project Regrip's purpose is to scrape or rip the whole german business register...

58% available / 421 polls

http://oneness.i2p/ Links and videos of alternative history, new and old research, open-minded ideas and theories, and conspiracy related information ++ will be found here, and updated as new things emerge!

97% available / 115 polls

http://oniichan.i2p/ Onii-Chan - Board

97% available / 115 polls

http://planet.i2p/ I2P Planet - The latest around the world of I2P.

planet.i2p is an RSS aggregator for I2P trackers, blogs, and other feeds. Please contribute to the I2P community by running a blog or other eepsite with fresh content and an RSS feed.

98% available / 421 polls

http://plugins.i2p/ plugins.i2p -- An "App-Store" for I2P Plugins

97% available / 421 polls

http://projects.i2p/ Projects.i2p is a community-focused project management site for I2P coding projects, providing optional wikis, forums, document management, bug tracking and much, much more.

95% available / 183 polls

http://quematumovil.i2p/ Quema tu móvil!

Este trabajo empezó con la voluntad de aclarar los mitos y verdades respecto a la seguridad con los teléfonos móviles?: posibilidades de escuchas, de localización, etc.

30% available / 350 polls

http://repo.i2p/ central information hub for repository hosting services around I2P and halp network by str4d

96% available / 209 polls

http://salt.i2p/ Salt is a gathering space for technophiles celebrating crypto and infoanarchy. We're looking for things to do in the dark.

93% available / 218 polls

http://satori-wiki.i2p/wi..ain_Page Satori - This is a wiki dedicated to cryptographic, anonymity, and security information.

69% available / 420 polls

http://secondrealm.i2p/ The Second Realm We are building a society - today and here - to implement our vision of a peaceful, non-intervening and progressing life-style that respects the autonomy of each individual as the highest value.

90% available / 402 polls

http://serien.i2p Serien, TV serials. To download select from the alphabetical register at top of page.

84% available / 190 polls

http://shadowlife.i2p/ focuses on Privacy · how to protect it and why it matters | Blog and Forum

98% available / 103 polls

http://shinobiwan.i2p Wat? ShiniBiwan's IRC Seervices. Play Idle Rpg! Play Trivia!

71% available / 400 polls

http://str4d.i2p/ str4d has set up a few useful services on I2P - at least, he thinks they are useful =D

97% available / 411 polls

http://suddenly.i2p/ Suddenly is a next-gen IRC bot.

89% available / 365 polls

http://thepiratebay.i2p/ The Pirate Bay official i2p service. Sorry, no torrents via I2P, not yet. http://tbp.i2p is pointing to the same server.

64% available / 215 polls

http://uczeon.i2p/ UC 0079-0093 ZEON REMNANTS - they have some torrents and a lot of images. Zeon is actually a fictional state from Gundam UC universe. One of its ultimate goals was to force all humanity into space, for Earth to have rest from pollution e.t.c. But in the end they failed, and became more nazi-like. But this is another story.

93% available / 417 polls

http://visibility.i2p/ Visibility Social Network - Elgg based, java script needs to be enabled

80% available / 69 polls

http://wiki.meeh.i2p/doku.php A wiki for i2p and how to use its functions and services

96% available / 180 polls

Special I2P-Sites

http://inr.i2p/ I2P Registration service - Addressbook service - Jump service

http://stats.i2p/cgi-bin/..osts.cgi Recently Added Hosts. You can add your eepsite here.

Online-Status of eepsites


Search Engines





Inproxies - Accessing I2P from the clearnet

Inproxies make eepsites reachable from the normal internet. You may advertise your eepsite using the inproxy adress.

http://i2p.us/ Just add '.us' to your i2p-link: http://TheAnonDog.i2p can be reached from the clearnet as http://TheAnonDog.i2p.us